THE REMUNERATION OF POLITICAL WORK : Summary of the symposium of 19th September 2019

Photo Audrey Moreau

The symposium on the remuneration of political work organised on 19th September 2019 at the French Senate enabled researchers working on the different axes of the ANR ELUAR project to present their research and discuss with senators, contributors and participants interested in reflecting on questions relating to the remuneration of political mandates.

You will find below the titles of the contributions which punctuated the day, which was organised around the themes of the remuneration of political work in Europe, the history of the remuneration of political work in France as well as “making a living from politics today”.

First round table (10am-12pm) – Remuneration of political work in Europe.

Chair: Jean-Marie Bockel (Senator from the Haut-Rhin department), discussant: Romain Rambaud (University of Grenoble-Alpes – CRJ)

-Eric Kerrouche (Senator from the Landes département) – Some thoughts on the professionalization of mandates.   

-Pierre-Michel Vauthelin (director of the Comparative law unit at the Senate) – The legal regime regulating municipal representatives’ remuneration.

– Patrizia Magaro (University of Genoa) – The remuneration of parliamentary representatives in Italy.

– Karim Lasseb (University of Lausanne) – The remuneration of political work in Switzerland. Between subsidiary functions and full-time mandates.

Second round table (1.30pm – 3.30pm) – The history of the remuneration of political work in France

Chair: Marie-Françoise Perol-Dumont (senator from the Haute-Vienne department), discussant: Eric Kerrouche, senator from the Landes

Frédéric Monier (University of Avignon – Centre Norbert Elias) – A democratic norm? Debates on elected officials’ compensation from the French Revolution to the Great War.

Rémy Le Saout (University of Nantes – CENS) – Measures regarding elected officials’ compensation between the wars.

Sébastien Ségas (University of Rennes 2 – Arènes) – An apparent calm? Scandal provoking and corporatist mediation of questions related to the remuneration of political work between 1944 and 1990.  

Patrick Lehingue, Sébastien Vignon (University of Amiens – CURAPP) – The codification of a status of local elected official and the crisis of representation: a comparison of two contexts (1992; 2019)

Third round table (4-5.30pm) – Making a living from politics today

Chair: Henri Cabanel (senator from the Hérault department), discussant:  Rémy Le Saout (University of Nantes, CENS)

Didier Demazière (Science Po Paris – CSO) – What does making a living from politics mean? Three insights.  

Louise Dalibert (University of Nantes – DCS) – The impact of financial bonuses on choices of career and withdrawals from political life.   

Stéphane Cadiou, Lucie Vacher (University of Saint-Etienne – Laboratoire Triangle) – Politics under surveillance.

Rémi Lefebvre (University of Lille 2 – CERAPS) – Devoting oneself to politics without entirely making a living from it. Deputy-mayors and their remuneration.

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