publication of the book “THE remuneration for political work in europe”

The result of work on one of the main lines of the ELUAR project, the book on the remuneration of political work in Europe, directed by Rémy Le Saout, with the contributions of 31 European researchers (Romain Rambaud for France), has just been published by Berger Levrault.

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Elected officials are often considered to be members of a “privileged caste” because, among other reasons, they are supposedly generously paid. The levels of their remuneration, often the subject of fantasy, are thought to underline the social distance that exists between the “political class” and the population. This belief is reinforced by the fact that, in some cases, their compensation allows mandate holders to live exclusively from this activity; a situation which leads many to think that these professionals seek to maintain their position in order to maintain their income.

These discourses can be heard in many European countries. However, citizens have little easily accessible information enabling them to better understand the reality of the conditions under which salaries and benefits are granted to elected officials. Based on this observation, this book provides objective knowledge on the rules that determine the remuneration of national and local mandates in 21 European countries. More specifically, it answers the following questions: what are the ways of organizing political power in these different European countries? What are the modalities and levels of remuneration of elected officials? What are the key debates triggered by these regulations in the countries studied?



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