First results from the consultation « Being a local elected representative in 2018 »

The local authorities’ delegation to the French Senate launched a consultation of local elected representatives in December 2017 which ended on 31st January 2018 and which received a response from 17 500 representatives. The link to the first results of the consultation on the Senate’s website is below.

45.04 % of respondents indicated that they had envisaged leaving politics at the end of their mandate and for 27.10 % of them this was motivated by the time given over politics, to the detriment of their family or professional life.

According to the participants, the five most important difficulties explaining the “crisis in vocations” mentioned before are: the exacting nature of citizens’ demands (13.38 %), reconciling public office with one’s professional life (13.64%), legal and penal risks (12.65%), the weight of responsibility (12.60%) and reconciling public office with one’s personal life (12.29%).

To solve these problems and adapt the status of local representatives, the respondents identified five areas that required action as a priority: the legal protection and penal status (19.07%), reconciliation with a professional activity (18.61%), the system of allowances (16.41%), training (15.62%) and social protection (8.49%).

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