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We are launching a call for papers for the closing symposium of the ANR ELUAR project on the theme “Making a living from politics. Careers, entourage, controls”.

This conference will take place on June 30 and July 1, 2020 at CURAPP-ESS, University of Amiens, France.

Proposals for papers, of about 300 words, should be sent before 15 February 2020 to:

In democracies, the question of the material conditions of the exercise of elective mandates was raised very early on. As a paid activity often carried out on a full-time basis, political activity can be considered as an ordinary professional activity even if it occupies a singular position in the social division of labour.

To be interested in the financing of this activity is to be interested in the possibilities of engaging in it and maintaining one’s engagement. Indeed, this market is deeply selective and very unequal in terms of material rewards.

A French singularity often noted by foreign researchers is that elected officials represent more than 600,000 individuals, or almost 1% of the national population. The study of political remuneration therefore appears to be a sensitive issue. However, questioning the terms and conditions of remuneration for political mandates offers a particularly productive entry for producing information on the labour market and political careers and more broadly on the relationship between political actors and money.

In this perspective, the symposium invites contributions questioning these relationships in three areas:

– The first concerns the links between money, engagement and political careers : 1. The relationship to money : engagement and career

– The second concerns non-personal uses of money : 2. Supporting political professionalization

– The third deals with the issue of the control of money : 3. Controling uses of money

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